Pushing the limits of human potential!

Founders of AeroVelo Inc., Canada.
Having been likened to modern day Wright Brothers, Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson of AeroVelo Inc., spend their time pushing the limits of human potential. Their projects have taken them from human-powered helicopters to aerodynamic bicycles capable of reaching speeds of over 117 km/h.

AeroVelo Inc. was founded in 2012 as a platform for taking on high-profile, thought-provoking and seemingly impossible engineering challenges. AeroVelo’s focus on human-powered vehicles is meant to inspire, demonstrating the untapped potential of the human mind and body. It is also meant to demonstrate what can be achieved on a small and highly-limited amount of energy. Well-chosen design constraints breed unique and creative ideas, leading to innovation and transformative solutions. 
Driven by passion and challenge, their journey has led to a unique understanding of what it takes to tackle the impossible. Todd and his business partner Cameron have accomplished one of humanity’s oldest aeronautical dreams, with a human-powered aircraft that flies in the imitation of a bird by flapping it’s wings.

For both Todd and Cameron, AeroVelo brings together a multitude of passions from athletics to aerodynamics, to sustainable engineering, art and filmmaking.