The future beholds Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology refers to the study and manipulation of materials at the atomic and molecular levels. By allowing us to explore and enhance the properties of materials, these methods open up a world of opportunities. 

The applications of nanotechnology are multiple, and physicist Maria Strömme is passionately determined to use it as a tool for tackling unsolved problems. One of her group’s most acknowledged breakthroughs has been the “algae battery”, an environment-friendly solution that charges at incredibly high speeds. One thing is clear; Strömme and her team are sparking people’s curiosity for technology and science.

The "Algae battery" is made from green algae known as Cladophora. 

Maria Strömme is a renowned physicist with a passion for nanotechnology. Starting as the first professor of nanotechnology at Uppsala University, she has now become one of the university’s most internationally recognized professors. With numerous research breakthroughs, patents, scientific articles and board memberships Strömme has had a decade of acclaim. Her research group, Nanotechnology and Functional Materials (NFM), aims to understand, develop and design materials for strategic applications.

"Thanks to Maria Strömme, chemistry and physics are no longer what it has been"
Morten Valestrand, Journal of The Norwegian Medical Association