New ways of working in the post-knowledge era

How is the world of business changing, and what will the leading companies of the future look like? In this talk, Professor Julian Birkinshaw argues that we are nearing the end of the “knowledge era” that has dominated for the last forty years. Of course knowledge will always be important, but in a world where information is ubiquitous and knowledge is increasingly shared, the companies that want to gain a competitive edge will have to look for new sources of advantage.

Professor Birkinshaw argues their two key imperatives are action and conviction: they will be smart about scanning for information and harnessing the knowledge of their employees, but they will favour action over analysis, and they will privilege emotional conviction over purely rational judgments. This shift has enormous implications for how work is done, because action and conviction are not the focus of traditional hierarchical organisations. Professor Birkinshaw will describe the new management models that will be needed so that your company can harness the new sources of advantage in the post-knowledge era.