Don't panic: Facts that reshape your world view.

Hans Rosling has the unique ability to make statistical data come alive in order to address the global economy and, in particular, dispel common myths about the so-called developing world, which he believes is no longer worlds away from the West.

Rosling is founder of the Gapminder Foundation - an organization that strives to make statistical data freely available and easily understandable online. He has advised the WHO and UNICEF.

What sets Rosling apart as a speaker isn't just his apt observations of broad social and economic trends, but the stunning way he presents them. By any logic, a presentation that tracks a wide range of global trends should be, in a word, boring. But in Rosling's hands, data sings. Trends come to life. And the big picture - usually hazy at best - snaps into sharp focus. You've never seen data presented like this.

Hans Rosling is a member of the International Group of the Swedish Academy of Science and of the Global Agenda Network of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. He has also personally argued with many heads of state, including Fidel Castro.