Five reasons why management myths persists

In the world of business, we often assume that good innovations spread and detrimental management practices die out. Freek Vermeulen teaches us that- unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. At InnoTown 2013, he shared some of the reasons why ‘Management Myths ‘ refuse to die young. Using his rich & varied first-hand experience, Freek Vermeulen will prove that identifying such myths can not only create a substantial competitive advantage but also progress for our society as a whole.

About Freek Vermeulen:
Freek Vermeulen is a passionate teacher of the highest caliber. As the Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the London Business School. In fact, his passion for sharing his know-how, expertise & unique insights about Strategy and Management, earned him the accolade of “Best Teacher”.
But he does not confine his teaching to just the classrooms of the London Business School. He has also been involved in sharpening the minds of the best & brightest in the boardrooms of BP, The Guardian, the Fiat Group, IBM, KPMG, Lufthansa, Sara Lee and Vodafone.

His work as a teacher, writer, researcher and advisor affords him a unique understanding of what fuels successful innovation. That is why InnoTown attendees can look forward to seeing him expertly turns this broad understanding into entertaining nuggets of wisdom & engaging ideas that are ready to be put in practice.