Cyberpsychology: Who are we - and who are we becoming - in the cyber world.

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Dr.Mary Aiken specializes in the impact of technology on human behaviour, and has written extensively on issues relating to the intersection between humankind and technology – or as she describes it “where humans and technology collide”.  

Mary has worked at an international board level in industry specializing in consumer behavioral profiling, innovation and future thinking. She is a visionary speaker regarding the impact of technology on human behavior and has published and spoken internationally on the subject.

A published, peer-reviewed author, Mary has been featured by, The New York PostNewsweek, Scientific AmericanThe Washington PostThe New York Times and Time Magazine, She has conducted research and training workshops with multiple global agencies, from INTERPOL to the FBI and the White House. 


"Mary Aiken delivers a deeply disturbing, utterly penetrating and urgently timely investigation into the perils of the largest unregulated social experiment of our time"
Bob Woodward
Washington Post