Design At Scale: Transforming IBM

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Design is transforming the tech industry, from small scrappy start-ups to established global enterprises. 

IBM, a hundred year-old company with nearly 400,000 employees and a presence in more than 170 countries, has transformed its culture in recent years by introducing the practice of design and design thinking at a scale never before seen in the industry. How did the tech giant accomplish this reinvention? And what outcomes is it driving for users and clients? 


Think. Paul Rand’s iconic Eye-Bee-M poster, was created in 1981 in support of IBM’s motto, Think.

IBM Distinguished Designer Doug Powell, one of the architects of the program of design at IBM, will examine this story and connect it to broader trends in the global business world.

"In the past, we changed what we were working on, but we were pretty much working the same way. Now, we’re changing how we work too. And the how element is always related to speed."
John Kelly, Senior Vice President, IBM Cognitive Solutions and Research
From a New York Times article, November 14th 2015