NASA: High velocity leadership

With over 20-years experience leading some of NASA’s most challenging missions, Brian Muirhead has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to face and overcome the impossible while furthering our understanding and exploration of space. Muirhead is a hands-on leader working at the front lines of some of the greatest technical and management challenges of today. His experiences and insights as a team builder, technologist, problem solver, and culture change innovator.

Brian recently completed his assignment as the Chief Architect of NASA’s Constellation project, a program with the objective of establishing a permanent base on the moon and preparing for human exploration of Mars. In that position, he provided leadership for developing and maintaining a viable architecture for human exploration beyond earth orbit. He now is Chief Engineer of NASA JPL and is a member of its Executive Council.

Disclaimer: Brian Muirhead was speaking as himself and not as a representative of NASA or the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology.