Breaking Bad Habits Defy Industry Norms and Reinvigorate Your Business

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Uncertainty has led many organizations to define and follow best practices. Such benchmarks are rarely questioned due to their previous success or widespread use. With a set of fascinating stories, Freek uncovers the dark secrets behind these practices, arguing they are often outdated and harmful to institutions. His real-life examples of norm-defying organizations remind us how important it is to break away from old habits. By changing the way we think, we create new opportunities for innovation and unlock the hidden potential of our businesses.

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Over the past years, Freek has acted as an advisor for companies such as BP, EDS, The Guardian, the Fiat Group, IBM, KPMG, Lloyd’s, Maersk, Novartis, PwC, ThyssenKrupp, Toshiba, Vodafone and various others.

Freek Vermeulen is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at The London Business School. Based on his captivating research, this award-winning Professor proposes a set of tools to identify and free organizations from bad practices. In his book “Breaking Bad Habits”, he presents a persuasive case on how challenging the status quo and eliminating popular but outdated practices can create new opportunities in terms of growth and innovation. After delivering in 2013 what became one of Innotown’s highest rated talks, we are thrilled to welcome Freek back to the InnoTown stage!

"Best practices can be bad practices in disguise"
Freek Vermeulen