The Town

If its natural beauty doesn’t grab you, its architecture surely will: After an early 20th-century fire destroyed much of the town, Alesund was rebuilt and given a distinct Art Nouveau architectural style with numerous turrets, spires and ornaments. 

The Architecture

A walk through the town is a colourful and charming experience. Majestic mountains constitute an impressive frame around the town and create a beautiful contrast to the Atlantic Ocean with all its fjords cutting into the coastline. It creates the most spectacular settings for a truly unique event. 

The Fjords

Why not explore some of Norway's best known natural and cultural attractions. Sunnmøre's countless fjords, fishing villages, island gems and mountains lie waiting to rouse your enthusiasm. Ålesund is also the centre of one of the most innovative and dynamic regions in Norway, with a long history of groundbreaking innovation, especially within the maritime sector.                                                      

Photo: Vidar Moløkken/