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InnoTown 2019 Monica Parker.


Change and how to embrace it

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InnoTown 2019 Fredrik Harén


What is Creativity?

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InnoTown 2019 René Carayol


What are you Great at?

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InnoTown 2018 Rutger Bregman

Utopia for Realists

The Case for a Universal Basic Income

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InnoTown 2018 Jonah Berger


Why Things Catch On

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InnoTown 2018 Maria Strömme

The future beholds


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InnoTown 2017 Stephane Garelli

The World in Reset Mode :

A competitiveness outlook for 2017, and beyond

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, , speaker at Innotown 2017 play icon
InnoTown 2017 Kjetil Trædal Thorsen

The value of creativity and passion:

People, Process and Projects at Snøhetta

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InnoTown 2017 Dr Mary Aiken


Who are we - and who are we becoming - in the cyber world.

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InnoTown 2017 Doug Powell

Design At Scale:

Transforming IBM

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InnoTown 2017 Lorne Lantz


The fifth era of the digital revolution?

Andy Green, speaker at Innotown 2017 play icon
InnoTown 2017 Andy Green

The Bloodhound Project:

Breaking the world speed record through engineering and innovation

Gordon Falconer, speaker at Innotown 2017 play icon
InnoTown 2017 Gordon Falconer

Smart Cities:

How to Move Forward

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InnoTown 2015 Hans Rosling

Don't panic:

Facts that reshape your world view.

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InnoTown 2006 Gerald Celente

Global trends that will shape the future

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InnoTown 2011 Bill Strickland

Social innovation:

Make the impossible possible.

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InnoTown 2010 Blake Mycoskie

Tom Shoes:

Conscious Capitalism

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InnoTown 2016 Brad Templeton

Changing the world with robocars.

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InnoTown 2012 Brian Muirhead


High velocity leadership

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InnoTown 2013 David Robertson

Brick by brick

How Lego rewrote the rules of innovation

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InnoTown 2011 Dayna Baumeister

Innovation inspired by nature

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InnoTown 2014 Deborah Perry Piscione

Unlocking the secrets of Silicon Valley

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InnoTown 2014 Dennis Snow

Fuelling growth with innovative customer service

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InnoTown 2016 Dirk Ahlborn

Hyper loop and the future of transportation.

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InnoTown 2013 Freek Vermeulen

Five reasons why management myths persists

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InnoTown 2016 Gerd Leonhard

The next years in technology and innovation

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InnoTown 2016 Jeff "Skunk" Baxter

Asymmetrical thinking in a conventional world

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InnoTown 2013 Jeffrey Hayzlett

From Yellow to red:

The KODAK story

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InnoTown 2014 Julian Birkinshaw

New ways of working in the post-knowledge era

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InnoTown 2013 Karina Hollekim

20 seconds of joy

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InnoTown 2016 Kenneth Cukier

Big data:

The new raw material of business

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InnoTown 2016 Martin Ford

The rise of robots and artificial intelligence

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InnoTown 2016 Oscar Levander

Towards autonomous ships

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InnoTown 2012 Patrick Dixon

Turning the future into history

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InnoTown 2010 Peter Diamandis

The best way to predict the future, is to invent it yourself

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InnoTown 2015 Rachel Botsman

The currency of the new economy is trust

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InnoTown 2012 René Carayol

Culture is more powerful than strategy

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InnoTown 2012 Sam Graham Felsen

How we did it:

Barack Obama's groundbreaking online strategy

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InnoTown 2014 Shannon Deegan

Creating an innovative culture at Google

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InnoTown 2008 Sir Ken Robinson

Schools kill creativity

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InnoTown 2011 Stephane Garelli

Mastering a new reality:

An outlook for 2013 and beyond

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InnoTown 2016 Stephen Dubner

Think Like a freak!

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InnoTown 2012 Susan Cain

The power of introverts

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InnoTown 2015 Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson

Pushing the limits of human potential!

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InnoTown 2012 William Kamkwamba

How I harnessed the wind